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Welcome to the website of the Foundation for Electronic Communication for Shareholders and Issuers (SECVA). On this website you will be informed on SECVA’s vision, objectives and activities.
SECVA has the following priorities for the near future:

  • Listing, free of charge, the agendas, convocation notifications, annual financial reports and other information related to the shareholder meetings of all companies quoted on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange that have joined SECVA as supporter, at a central location.

  • Acting as a discussion platform for participants and supporters who, in representing various stakeholder interests, support SECVA’s objectivesand activities.

  • Researching bottleneck issues that prevent the realization of improvements and suggesting possible solutions in coordination with various stakeholders.

  • Educating the market on relevant developments, for example by organizing seminars.

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These priorities flow from SECVA’s goals, as formulated in SECVA’s Articles of Association:

  • Promoting the development of a user-friendly electronic channel for communication between issuers and their shareholders.
  • Promoting the standardization of electronic and written communication processes between issuers and their shareholders.

These goals apply to the relationship between issuers and their shareholders, but in SECVA’s Articles of Association are stated to apply equally to:

  • The relationship between trust offices and their depository receipt holders; and,
  • the relationship between associations with full legal authority and their members.

If you would like to contribute to the realization of SECVA’s goals, we gladly invite you to join SECVA as a participant or supporter.